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Professional Artist Magazine - November/December 2015 - Cited in "When your Audience Becomes Part of Your Art" by Thea Fiore Bloom.  

This Video from the 2015 Electric Forest highlights the 'Electric Forces' Program which I've created the aesthetic housing for in both 2014 & 2015.  Clips highlight both The Human Avatar Project as well as the Zome by Rob Bell that I painted in collaboration with Keith Brownlee of Kaya Design.

This video by VICE's Thump team highlights the Electric Forest  'Electric Forces' program, which was housed in The Human Avatar Project in 2014.  Electric Forces is an innovative Veteran's program and story-telling project that I'm proud to be a part of.  Check out the first article from Thump here, and a second follow up article here.  Check out the video too, where I have a short interview.

Iā€™m cited in this paper talking about Burners Without Borders Chicago & Chiditarod:
Lessons for Creative Cities from Burning Man by Catherine Chen

Assorted video clips and publishings from the Tai-Xi Wind Temple project: