Name:  The TaiXi Wind Temple
Location:  Seaside Costal Park, TaiXi, Yunlin County, Taiwan.
Materials:  Bamboo, Cement, Metal, Bike Wheels, Vinyl Tape, Recycled Bottles

Project Statement:

The ‘TaiXi Wind Temple’ is a kinetic sculpture which plays with the wind.  The base structure is an open-air bamboo pagoda which acts as a gathering space- and has 11 poles all with symbolic meaning.  The outer six poles represent the 5 chinese elements, as well as the ‘mysterious element’ talked about in many cultures which is sometimes called ether or spirit.  The 4 inner poles represent the 4 directions and honor the Green Turtle, White Tiger, Red Phenix, and Blue Dragon.  The middle pole- not being connected to the others, but standing in the center- represents (wo)man and all of our human creations.
On top of these poles are recycled windmills objects, mirroring the industrial windmills in the distance, which 'play' with the omnipresent wind (a major element of the coastal park).