Curated at:
Rothbury Music Festival 2009
The World Futurist Conference 2009

Second Thoughts is a experimental media collective that formed to join forces with the Rothbury 'Think Tank' and 501c3 Our Future Now to tackle an information dissemination issue: 

How do you get a larger portion of your audience to pay attention to the messages being delivered at your music festival's think thank?

We sent 'reporters' to the Think Tankl talks and them distill them into bite-size and digestible scripts for video pieces to be produced on-site. These videos were created with a 24-hour turn around period and promoted via a series of non-traditional outlets including:

  • The Main-stage Jumbotrons.
  • The festivals i-phone App.
  • Mobile projector-rigged gold carts.
  • A 'digital town crier' who wore a laptop on their chest and shoulder-mounted speakers.

Unfortunately I cannot embed these videos as they were posted on originally.   Feel free to follow the links below: 

Part of the Rothbury 2009 Second Thought team.

Part of the Rothbury 2009 Second Thought team.