Christopher Breedlove is an American designer, community builder and experiential producer. Christopher currently directs the Burners Without Borders program for the Burning Man Project in San Francisco, California. 

Christopher started his career producing web videos under the name Klaser Films in high school, and later under the name Mr. Breedlove Media. Over the years he documented and highlighted a variety of small business, not-for-profits, and artists.  
In 2009 he co-founded the Second Thoughts project and created videos that opened for Bob Dylan & The Dead at the Rothbury Music Festival.  He created The Human Avatar Project, has built bicycle-powered parade floats for The Dream Community, and created a government-funded bamboo sculpture at the TaiXi International Arts Festival (Taiwan).  He also runs a live screen printing project Remixed Ink, and is an avid print maker using both silkscreens and laser technologies.

As a community leader, Christopher served as president of the California-based Burners Without Borders (BWB) project well as for the Chicago 501(c)3 Bold Urban Renaissance Network (BURN). Previously he served as a Regional Contact with The Burning Man Project, and as Volunteer Coordinator and Arts Curator for the arts + community event Lakes Of Fire.

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Artist Statement

My work is about exploring what it means to be human in the digital age.  Attempting the synthesis of organic and digital forms, of wood grain and circuit boards.  Using mathematics and science as tools to manifest the magic we see in our collective human dreams- I believe that mystical nature is what drives us forward to explain the phenomena of the universe that we do not yet understand.

As new technologies ever-more rapidly develop, one of the jobs of the artist is to help drive the awareness and prevalence of these technologies- often introducing the public to new ideas for the first time.  By utilizing interactive platforms, mixed mediums and the newest techniques we can create playful and collaborative works of art that teach as much as they delight.