The Human Avatar Project (HAP) is an interactive installation, series of multi-media games and a new-media performance wrapped into a single conceptual package.
Asking questions about how we interface with technology, why it captures our imaginations, and what it means to become fused with these new machines.

The Human Avatar Booth

The Human Avatar Booth (HAB) is the visual centerpiece of the project.  Towering up at 26' in the air and capped with a 5' two-faced sculptural human head, the full-scale booth is eye-popping and contains everything needed to run all 4 of our interactive multi-media games.
Containing interactive elements for both daytime, as well as nighttime, the booth is able to serve as a multi-functional installation and lounge space.

Decorated in strip-lathe wood and laser engraved wood cuttings on the exterior, along with screen printed fabrics and laser cut acrylic on the interior, the booth is an object intrigues the viewer from up close just as much as it does from far away.


The top of the HABooth 2014.

HABooth 2014 @ Electric Forest Festival.

HABooth 2014 @ Electric Forest Festival.